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Our audio engineers are here to help produce a recording, live performance, balancing & adjusting sound sources using equalization and audio effects, mixing, reproduction and reinforcement of sound.


I was always musically inclined as a child. I dabbled in music from time to time until one day I decided to hit a studio and they charged me some crazy rates. It discouraged me but I really wanted to make music. I picked up audio engineering and since then I've been recording myself and clients for almost 5-6 years now. My goal is to create a music scene for my city and pave a way for my sound. 


JML is a producer/songwriter specializing in RnB, Pop & Hip-Hop production. After years of classical piano training, he developed an interest in audio production which would bring him to begin creating his own music which would later lead to collaborations with a number of British Columbia's locals. Production / collaboration credits include work with KNOWN, Anklegod, D Walk, Mo'Dirt, and many others.


Whitlock is probably the hardest working producer you'll know. Equal parts drums, hard work, hard melodies, and endless creative energy make for an unstoppable combination. Your Future Favourite Producer - Whitlock's mission is to remove the 'Future' from that sentence as soon as possible.

Now working as part of Underdog Music, one of 2021's hottest new production companies with major placements with platinum artists rolling through on a regular basis, Whitlock is ready to step up and claim his mantle. Alongside the rest of the team, Whitlock is swiftly forging a path to greatness within the music industry. However, no matter how busy he gets he says he'll never forget to show love to the local talent in Vancouver.


I am a songwriter, producer, as well as mixing engineer who specializes in Hip / Hop, Rnb, and Pop / EDM. I have been producing, writing, mixing and mastering my own music for over 5 years as well as some reference work for Major Labels (Republic Records, Epic Records, Motown Records, and more). My goal is to be the one responsible for the best sounding music from the western music scene.